The just-concluded African Cup Track 2019 was the product of a landmark agreement signed by the presidents of the Cycling Federation of Nigeria and Confederation of African Cycling in March. The agreement, signed in faraway Rome; during the Joint confederation of the African and EU cycling congress, birthed a new era for competitive cyclists in Africa. Recognizing the possibilities of this momentous event, PPC System Integrators are proud sponsors of the maiden competition.

Creating an Enabling Environment for Healthy Balance with Cycling

Cycling is one of the most independent, invigorating and also underrated sports taken around the world. It offers an alternative to expensive gym memberships while exercising various bundles of muscle around the human body. The sport also helps with cardio, especially when cycling uphill, which will help maintain a full and healthy lifestyle. Cycling, aside from the physical benefits also helps improve mental and psychological health. Nature is heavily involved in cycling as a lot of cycling routes pass through remote or naturally beautiful landscapes. The proximity to the outdoors helps to improve the general wellbeing of humans.

Our belief in the efficiency of a balanced system inspires us at PPC to support every form of attaining work-life balance around the nation. Hence we were happy to have been sponsors of the just concluded African Cup Track, and we heartily congratulate the Nigerian team on their 21medals. We hope to see more of such events and the pioneering solutions creation blossom within Nigeria.

Giandomenico Massari (CFN President), pushed for the two-day event that held in Natural Velodrome Complex of the Abuja National Stadium. Team Nigeria led with 8gold medals, 10silver medals and 8bronze medals at Moshood Abiola (Abuja National) Stadium. Other nations represented at the tournament include Egypt, Burundi, Morocco and Burkina Faso. PPC systems Integrators hopes to see this culture grow and flourish across the continent.