Philips Trilogy 202 Ventilators

Philips Trilogy 202 Ventilators

Starting Price: $20,577.35

Portable: Weighs only 5.6kg and has an integrated carrying handle for safe and convenient handling during intra-hospital transport

Durable: With a 3 hour internal battery and optional 3 hour detachable battery, you will have sufficient power for intra-hospital transport.

Versatile: The Auto-Trak algorithm improves patient-ventilator synchrony by adjusting to changing breathing patterns and dynamic leaks.


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Additional information


Volume Assist Control (AC)
Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation (SIMV)
SIMV with pressure support (SIMVw/PS)
Control Ventilation (CV)
Pressure Control (PC)
Pressure control – SIMV (PC-SIMV)
Spontaneous Ventilation (S)
Spontaneous Ventilation with timed back-up (S/T)
Timed Ventilation (T)
Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)
Average Volume Assured Pressure Support (AVAPS)
with passive circuit type, S, S/T, PC

Monitored Parameters

Tidal volume: 0 – 2000ml
Minute ventilation: 0 -99 l/min
Estimated leak rate: 0 – 200 l/min
Peak inspiratory flow: 0 – 200 l/min
Peak inspiratory pressure: 0 – 99 cmH2O
Mean airway pressure: 0 – 99 cmH2O
% patient triggered breaths: 0 -100%
I:E ratio


Circuit disconnect Off, 10 -60 s
Apnea Off, 10 -60 s and 4 – 60 BPM
High tidal volume Off, 50 – 2000 ml
Low tidal volume Off, 50 – 2000ml
High minute ventilation Off, 1 -99 I/min
Low minute ventilation Off, 1 -99 I/min
High respiratory rate Off, 4 – 80 BPM
Low respiratory rate Off, 4 – 80 BPM




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